Taksini Privacy Notice


This privacy notice presents the information about this data register to the data subjects and addresses the requirements from the GDPR. Please notice that the content of this notice may change due to changes in legislation, legal practices or the principles of our company. In this notice, you will find up to date information about our personal data processing practices in connection with this personal data registry.

Name of the registry

Lähitaksi – Customers


Lähitaksi Oy
Nuijamiestentie 7,
00400 Helsinki

Data Protection Officer 

Janne Rantala 

Purpose of processing

 The data subject’s personal data is used for the following purposes: 

  • Providing transport service and handling the related billing 
  • Customer relationship management 
  • Communication 
  • Marketing and the related marketing communication 
  • Designing, developing, reporting and ensuring quality and security of our operations 
  • Development of business, services and products 
  • Analysis, forecasting and development of customer relationships 

Please note that we use cookies on our web site to ensure the services and to ease the use of the service. Cookies are also used for target marketing in various channels, such as social media. 

Legal basis of processing 

The legal basis of the processing of the data in this registry is based on the following: 


The personal data is processed to implement preceding measures of a contract or the measures within the contract between the controller and the customer or the customers employer. 

Legitime interest 

Personal data is processed based on the legitimate interest of the controller when the customer orders a ride but is not contractually bound with the controller. In such a situation, the customer's